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Kieu Hoang
November 29, 2018 | Kieu Hoang

From November 28 through December 7, 2018 Kieu Hoang will donate an amount equal to 100% of winery sales to Camp Fire Victims ***

Message from Mr. Hoang to his friends and Fans

My fans and friends think of it, really think of it:
Over 50,000 of our people are in current need. That is half the number of the allowed 100,000 Vietnamese refugees that arrived in the USA in late April 1975. But we were more fortunate then than our people are right now. We lived in a military camp. We had foods to eat daily. How about these people now? Think of it. Some live homeless in one car for an entire family. Others are living in a little hut, like those firemen’s huts that I shared with all of you that firemen from faraway Texas and Washington State used that came to my fight the fires in areas like Westlake and Simi Valley.

You think about it, we have Vietnamese saying “mot mieng khi doi Bang moi goi khi no”, which means “a small piece of food while starving is better than a feast while full.”

I call upon our Vietnamese Americans who want to show our thanks to America by taking this opportunity to help pay back. Each $3000 donor will be given a one year Honorable Charitable Membership of Kieu Hoàng Winery that will include 36 bottles of our Limited production wine: 12 Bottles of Emperor, 12 Bottles of Gold Label and 12 Bottle of Purple Label.* I guarantee that I will donate an amount equal to 100 per cent of these sales at our Kieu Hoang Winery between now and December 7th to the Camp Fire cause. If we can generate 2000 donors, then we will have enough to give thousands of Camp Fire families at least a $500 check! **

I will also invite the new governor, the Police Chief of Thousand Oaks, the FBI the District Attorney of Ventura county and the appropriate charitable organization(s) which are responsible to come to join me to receive the donation check to help the Borderline shooting cause.   

Please help me to fulfill my American dream."

Please contact Linda Hoang and/or Quynh Nguyen

* You must be 21 years of age or older to order or receive alcoholic beverages from Kieu Hoang Winery. Receipt of shipments containing alcoholic beverages requires the signature of an adult. Wines purchased from Kieu Hoang Winery are not for resale and are for personal consumption only.

** Subject to Change and on numbers of families participating.

***Due to the positive and successful response from our fans, we will be concluding  this campaign early. 


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