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Kieu Hoang
October 21, 2014 | Kieu Hoang

Mini-Interview: Billionaire Industrialist and Napa Vintner Kieu Hoang In His Own Words

On October 3, Wine Executive News profiled the first Vietnamese-American billionaire, Kieu Hoang and his path from new immigrant to American citizen, successful pharmaceutical manufacturer, Napa Valley vintner and auction record-setter (Kieu Hoang: New Billionaire Winery Owner A Self-Made One-Man Conglomerate).

Our curiosity prompted a follow-up request for information. The following 500-word interview is Mr. Hoang’s response, written in his own words and presented completely and unedited.

What did you find found special, or irresistible, about the two properties you acquired in Carneros and Napa Valley?

I chose Napa Valley as the destination for the production of the new world of wine. Mondavi family is synonymous to wine making. Therefore, I acquired the Michael Mondavi winery taking all their key employees who has been with the family for several years to transform them into the next generation of wine makers. The philosophy of making wine is not based on only one winemaker. We have several wine makers to make different kinds of wine. And now I will utilize my 39 year experience in a different business however, the technology, the equipment are the same (like filter press, yeast, fermentation technology, pH adjustment, glycol controlled temperature and automation ) to assure the consistency, quality and taste of the wine.

What part of winemaking and the wine industry do you find particularly attractive?

I am attracted to the wine because a small grape has 5000 more genes than a human being. I discovered and patented wine has the highest level of HdL (high density lipoprotein – ApOA1).

Profit ? I ask myself, how much wine do I have to ship to China to equal the profit I make in one day in stock? However, I like it, why, because wine has no expiration date. The longer you keep it, the better the wine will be and the more valuable it becomes. The other products that I produce has an expiration date. The longer you keep, the more sweat you shed.

Even if it’s not profitable in paper, it gives me profit in spirit. Why? Because of people, for people, of people. PEOPLE’S WINE.

Why? Because of Californians, for Californians, of Californians . CALIW WINE

Do you plan to make the St. Helena property a residence?

On Sept 12-13, we had 200 guests at the winery to attend my son’s wedding. Do you know how many hotels we had to book for our guests? Now, on Nov 1st, 2014, we are expecting 300 exclusive members from all over the world to come for our grand opening with the presence of Li BingBing and top singer of USA who will only appear to sing for our exclusive members. You know what? there are only 20 rooms available on this date in Napa Valley that is why we had to book rooms in San Francisco.

The Helena property is too small. The Guilliams will continue to stay there. If my residence was in Napa, I would like to have it big enough to accommodate thousands of my wine members. A place where they can come to enjoy the beauty of the valley and avail of a wellness center, resort, shopping mall where my KHKMY fashion line, anti aging cosmetic and RAAS Nutrition products will be available. My wish is to have all my members come to a place where they can see how I make the wine, how the other products are manufactured, eat, play and shop.


Author: WII Editor Lewis Perdue

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